These inventions and ideas are simple, stupid, convenient, and brilliant, all at the same time. A couple of them actually already exist in other parts of the world. Some you may have seem before, others you may have not. Either way, they’ll put a smile of your face!

Fun caution signs shaped like slippery bananas.

banana caution signs


Trash cans where you can slam dunk your trash.

basketball bin


Machines where you can pick your own 6-pack.

coke machine build a pack


Batteries you can charge via USB.

usb rechargeable batteries

Find them here: USB rechargeable batteries


OMG. A huge slide instead of using the steps.

steps with slides


Car parks that show if a space is free or taken by using red and green lights.

parking garage with lights to show spaces


A coaster that uses hot or cold drinks to charge your device.

charge phone with drinks


Headphones that will never tangle!

anti-tangle zip up earphones

Find them here: Anti-tangle zip up earphones


A vending machine that bakes fresh pizza.

fresh pizza vending machine


Benches that you can rotate using the handle so you can sit on a dry area if it has rained.

Benches that turn


A folding bike helmet. A great feature for storing when it’s not in use.

folding helmet


An outlet that is also an extension cable.

extension lead wall socket


An outlet that has USB sockets.

wall plus usb outlet

Find it here: Wall plug and USB outlet


A mug that catches drips with a simple groove in the middle.

drip catching mug


Screens in the toilet cubicles so you don’t miss any of the action while at the movies. Awesome!

cinema toilet


A hairbrush with a removable piece to allow easy cleaning.

easy clean hairbrush


Space saving bike racks that don’t take up any sidewalk when they’re not in use.

space saving bike racks


A backpack with a built-in hoodie.

hoodie backpack


A plastic device that will lift your Potato chips out of the tub.

pringles lifter


A train ticket machine where you can pay with water bottles. Recycling at it’s finest!

recycling train ticket machine


A water fountain that lets you fill up bottles too.

water bottle fountain machine


A solar powered phone charger.

solar powered charger


This Tile has a tracking device that you sync with an IOS app so if you ever lose your keys you can locate them.

key tile


A movie theater with giant bean bags for chairs.

bean bag cinema

Awesome Inventions