Shubham Banerjee, 13 years young, started by asking a simple question to his parents: “How do blind people read?” After researching brail printers, and discovering that they generally cost $2,000 and up, he decided that there had to be a better way.

Determined to come up with a solution, Shubham designed and built a highly cost-effective brail printer out of legos and a few small items he picked up at Home Depot. Seeing the amazing talent and potential of their son, and the need for his product, Shubham’s father invested $35,000 into his company, Braigo Labs, allowing him to build a better prototype.

With his innovative invention and entrepreneurial spirit, Shubham attracted Intel’s attention. The mammoth tech company will be investing in Braigo Labs, making young Shubham the youngest entrepreneur to ever receive capital investment. For now, since he is too young, his mother will be taking on the role of CEO for Braigo Labs.

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