A dining table, it’s something we use every day: for breakfast, lunch, dinner… Not to mention the cocktails! In this world filled with new sleek, very design, things had it that some inventors are tackling this “monument” that are dining tables!

1. the tables of transparent rivers

2. the dining table swing

3. branches and trunks of trees covered with glass and resin

4 table of The Moon

5. the bright table

6. the tables that combine wood and aluminium

7. the Amethyst table

8. the table made of a recycled aircraft engine

9. the effect table ‘picnic’

10. the miniature Lake table

11. Citrine Geode Table

12. the table overseas and abyssal

13. the table bubble

14. the table of petrified wood

15. the table in sheet form

16. the table inspired by melted chocolate

17. the invisible table

18. the tree trunk table

Courtesy of AcidPotion