It’s impossible to get every last drop out of a bottle, whether it contains ketchup, mustard or jelly.Until now.

Five MIT students: Dave Smith, Rajeev Dhiman, Adam Paxson, Brian Solomon, and Chris Love, along with their professor, Kripa Varanasi, have made a major breakthrough.  Last spring, they invented LiquiGlide, an edible, plant-based coating that can be placed on any surface, from glass to ceramics. Liquid-based products that encounter the surfaces will slip right off, whether it’s ketchup in a bottle or rain on a jacket.

The product has been named one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2012 and we’re impressed. It also came in second in MIT’s $100,000 Entrepreneurship Competition.

Here’s a video of the product in action. Mayonnaise is no match for LiquiGlide:

Neither is ketchup:

How about jelly? Nope.

And hair gel? Pfft.