– High Speed Travel Tubes Can Take You From NY To Beijing In 2 Hours –

The Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) system would take passengers from New York to Beijing in just two hours. Advocates of Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) claim it is silent, cheaper than planes, trains, or cars and faster than jets.

How it would work: put a superconducting maglev train in evacuated tubes, then accelerate using linear electric motors until the design velocity is attained. Passive superconductors allow the capsules to float in the tube, while eddy currents induced in conducting materials drive the capsules. Efficiency of such a system would be high, as the electric energy required to accelerate a capsule could largely be recaptured as it slows.

The train capsules will be inserted and taken out of the tubes at “airlock stations at stations along the routes.” The capsules are expected to be accelerated to a velocity of 4,000 mph; after they reach this peak, they will “coast through the remainder of the trip.” Supposedly, the tubes will be able to be networked like freeways but will need multiple tubes to keep from having scheduling delays on long distance trips.

Capsules can be made large enough for one person to travel or a large bus; however, the ideal capsule size will be the same  as a car and carry four to six passengers. The tubes will have more space than what is available on plane seats for those who worry about a claustrophobic situation. The passengers will also not be able to feel the speed at which they are traveling.

Even if this way of traveling can seem a little daunting, if ETT were to become a reality, it would be more cost efficient, definitely faster, and much greener than normal travel. It is also suppose to be an extremely safe way of traveling. ETT travel seems very appealing and could really improve the way that many things are delivered other than people such as goods and medical supplies.  It will be interesting to watch as this type of travel is developed.